About Artcore 

Artcore is a visual arts charity encompassing an art gallery, artistic studios, a shop, and a cafe. The gallery is a vibrant hub for contemporary art nationwide, hosting group exhibitions and private events year-round. Artists have the opportunity to participate in local and international residencies. Our new studios are open for hire at affordable rates, aiming to retain talent from Derby and Derbyshire.

But Artcore is more than just a gallery! It is a lively community hub dedicated to supporting and collaborating with local communities. Our commitment is reflected in our tailor-made training workshops, catering to diverse groups, including senior citizens, recent immigrants facing language barriers, schoolchildren, youth, unemployed adults, individuals with physical disabilities, those with borderline mental health issues, and members of BME and LGBTQI+ communities. This inclusive approach ensures that Artcore is a welcoming space for everyone, nurturing creativity and connection within a diverse range of individuals.

At Artcore, we are passionate about the power of creativity. We believe in art’s potential to enrich lives.