We at Artcore encourage and involve people from all ages & abilities into art activities. Our engagement with various school clubs, youth groups, family learning initiatives and school curriculum workshops have resulted in great collaborations. We support and enhance skills of young people as they develop their understanding in different visual art mediums. In our workshops participants are encouraged to take control of their projects from the design stage to completion. As well as developing transferable skills such as time keeping, organisation, planning and communication.

Artcore also provides a platform to implement the learning through volunteering and work experience opportunities in our different projects.


Colour the City Reimagine 2022 Reimagine is an ambitious, strategically connected performance programme generated by young people in areas of lowest cultural engagement in Derby.  Derby’s performing arts organisations are collaboratively supporting young people and working with them through progressive encounters with inspirational methods, artists and settings.  There are five partners on the Reimagine project, […]

Future Endeavours

Our Future Endeavours project works with young people in Derby aged 10-18 through an artistic programme designed to increase access to art and creativity by incorporating STEM subjects. Using science, technology, engineering and maths, we are encouraging employment-related skills through creative expression in workshops delivered by professional artists. At Artcore, we are actively working to enhance the opportunities and social mobility of young people in the city. Future Endeavours serves a fun, free way of achieving this goal.