Artcore plays an important role in the community. Our services are accessible to people from diverse backgrounds and culture, and of all ages and abilities. We believe in the power of art to build relationships in the community and aid social cohesion. Engaging people from every part of the society, developing a harmonious and cordial relationship amongst them through art and its activities result into a happy community for which we strive for at Artcore.

Our services are easily accessible for a wide range of people. All our projects and workshops aim at bringing different groups of participants together to break down barriers and develop shared understanding; this enables people to explore their creative side which helps to create a society that is fairer, more caring and more inclusive. Projects round the year have been very well received and engaging by the local communities. The Invisible Boundaries project explored, recorded and offered activities that focused on the wonderful heritage and celebrating 175 years to the Arboretum Park, highlighting the heritage of cultural change around the Arboretum along with an underlying theme of being good neighbours, and of giving back to the community. It also engaged sculptors and communities through the medium of Sculpture making. There have been residencies, talks, presentations, community participation activities round the year.

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