About YAC 

Young Artists Collective is freshly formed in the heart of Derby, bringing young artists from Derbyshire and Midlands together to support them in their early arts careers as well as blossom their creativity. As part of Artcore, they strive to create a space of mutual support, critical engagement, open discussions and playfulness. Together they aim to connect and respond to the issues surrounding emerging artists in the industry and provide the support to broaden their skills and artistic practice in a fun & experimental way.


YAC Artists In Residence 


Amy Higginbottom - Ambassador of YAC 


Amy Higginbottom is currently studying Art at college. "I feel I haven't yet discovered just one medium and practice that fits me and therefore I am constantly trying new art styles and techniques"

Amy has experience in printing such as typography, mono and lino print as well as skills in digital illustration & photography. Additionally, enjoy creating pieces with more traditional media such as oil paints and pencil.

"I enjoy using multiple art mediums and merging them together to create unique pieces that tell a story. I am excited to continue exploring further art mediums and experimenting with them, discovering which ones I want to use more of in the future, ultimately to help me find my own signature style in this broad creative community." 

Zhara Millet - Freelance Illustrator 


Zhara Millett is an illustrator who instinctively draws, paints and scribbles with any bright contrast or any  complimentary colours she can get her hands on. Pairing these with shape-based patterns result in gorgeous contemporary illustrations.

Taking residency with YAC has allowed her to brainstorm and explore LGBT+ Themes, allowing self exploration and what pride means to her. To be able to translate and manifest this into her first zine has been a rich and fulfilling practice.

Website: Zhara Millett Illustration


Jack Weller - Visual Artist 

I am a multidisciplinary artist from Chesterfield who graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a Fine art degree in 2018. I have been based at S1 Artspace since, being awarded a studio there by Making Ways. I have previously worked with Mercedes-Benz of Sheffield (JCT600) and was nominated for the Keith Hayman biennial award for public art in Sheffield in 2019.

I make paintings, prints, drawings, murals, installations and sculptures which celebrate creativity, especially when challenging institutional, educational and social barriers. I often continually subject my practice to the material of everyday life in order to explore my own identity, and the journey my own cultural surroundings has pushed me through.

My works often visually reference specific sources that excite me. Rather than explicitly sample this pre-existing imagery, my work alters or distorts such citations, with a focus on how through human-nature we seek to create (and update) symbols every day and create a short hand for new advances in technology.

I aim to use my satirical approach to blend together my love for abstract expressionist forms and idiosyncratic narratives that are both self-reported and observed through interactions involving strangers, peers, close friends and family. I currently work in student outreach, helping students navigate ideas for their potential future by detailing my own steps so far and introducing opportunities to be productive.



Lucy Wakefield - Multidisciplinary Artist 

Lucy is a multi-disciplinary visual artist from Nottingham, specializing in Illustration, Stained Glass and Textiles.
Their work focuses on lived experiences; queer identity, living with mental illness and everyday experiences. Since losing their peripheral vision in both eyes their work tends to engage with textural elements.

Link: http://www.instagram.com/lucyewakefield

Etsy: https://www.etsy.co.uk/shop/LEWStudioGB


Archie Terrington - Photography 

I’m a visual artist residing in Derby. Currently studying BA Photography at Derby University. I’m experimenting with different methods and techniques to be able to tell the stories and narrative I want. I’m interested in socially engaged practice, video and film, different aspects of technology and sculpture work.

Most importantly my work reflects things I find important and also fun. I have a satirical approach to these things as I often want it to have a sense of humour whilst also talking about serious matters.

I am also a skateboarder and the lessons I learn from the community and culture often informs a lot of my practice.