Artcore is a registered Arts Charity based in Derby, UK, that works Monday to Friday and on most Saturdays too! So through the year, you can be sure that it has a calendar crammed with events – exhibitions, workshops, training programmes, art residencies, festive celebrations, what have you … Take your pick and do join us on one of our programmes – you will surely enjoy it! All our cultural activities are held at the Cultural Hub venue of Artcore (Albert Street, Osnabruck Square) and our community-based work is held at the Community Hub at Artcore (Charnwood Street).


Most of our activities are largely divided into Events and Art Exhibitions. Events usually comprise single day/afternoon/evening programmes such as illustrated talks, festive celebrations, training programmes, weekly/monthly art-related activities, and so on. On the other hand, Art Exhibitions can go on from a week to a month, and though the opening evening maybe an ‘invited only’ function, everyone is most welcome in the Gallery during the course of the exhibition.

Artcore’s Community Hub is forever a buzzing beehive of activities that focus on either the understanding or practice of art at an amateur level for persons from the community to participate in. Special training workshops are designed for people who may be senior citizens, recent immigrants not well-versed in English, school-children and youth, unemployed adults, persons with physical disabilities or borderline mental health issues, as well as those from BME and LGBTQI+ communities. We work with other non-profits focussed on specific communities as well and assist them with specially designed workshops with identified outcomes and trained instructors for satisfying results. It is a delight to see our participants gain confidence, make friends, express their innermost feelings and fears through the artworks they make whether be they paintings, prints, ceramics, or functional products such as bags, plates, jewellery, mosaic work and so on.