The Silence of Growing Things – Artcore’s International Residency

Calling all artists with a deep interest in post-colonial themes, botanical history, ecology, environment and landscapes as conceptual elements! Artcore Gallery and 1 Shanti Road are thrilled to announce “The Silence of Growing Things,” an international residency opportunity for two talented artists, set to take place from January 4th to January 13th, 2024, in the city of Bangalore, India, famously known as the “City of Gardens.”

Bangalore’s unique history as a colonial Cantonment Town, its evolution as the capital of Karnataka, and its contemporary role as India’s IT hub offers a rich backdrop for exploration. Notably, the city’s lush gardens owe their structured beauty to the pioneering work of Mr. Krumbiegel, a German horticulturist with a remarkable journey from Kew Gardens in England to the royal palaces of Baroda and Mysore.

During the residency, art historian and director of 1 Shanti Road Residency, Suresh Jayaram, will serve as your local guide, providing insights into the transformative gardens of Cubbon Park and Lalbagh. Apply via Curatorspace now to be a part of this extraordinary artistic journey! –

How to apply: 
Cllick here to apply via Curatorspace

Artcore Associates Callout – Join Artcore’s Associates Pool

Artcore is a dynamic and developing Contemporary Visual Arts organisation with two bases in Derby. Artcore delivers 10 exhibitions & 4 artist residencies annually, with a vibrant workshop and participation programme and projects engaging with the communities of Derby. Established in 1995, Artcore moved to Derby in 2005, became a registered charity in 2012 and an Arts Council England NPO in 2018/19.

Becoming part of the Artcore Associates would give creatives an opportunity to approach Artcore to help them realise a project or initiative that is still in the ideation or developmental stage. Co-production is way to build your creative practice as well as further your relationship with us and gain access to our networks within the creative industry. We are interested in seeing ideas that align with our values and ethos.

Artcore wants to expand and diversify our pool of associates, and are you a creative person with a wide range of skills – artists, curator, makers, workshop leaders, project managers, exhibition technicians, designers, art administrator and probably a few other things we haven’t thought of yet.

Are you interested in making your community healthier through arts and culture?

Send in your proposal.

How to Apply:

First, have a look at our website – Artcore ( – so you can find out more about our history, our ethos, and the kind of things we do. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to visit us or for an informal chat.

Next, submit an application of interest via email telling us about your skills, experience and knowledge. You should tell us about specific exhibitions, events and projects you have been involved in, and tell us what your role was in them. Here are some things to consider while submitting your proposal.

  • Why would you like to work with Artcore? Are there any of our projects or activities that appeal to you the most?
  • What have you done previously that you think best matches up with Artcore’s ethos and projects? Tell us about any projects, exhibitions or other activities you are especially proud of, and what your role was in them.
  • Is there a particular role you see yourself in, and are there specific skills that you could bring to Artcore as a member of our Associates Pool –  e.g. artist, curator, designer, art administrator, exhibition technician, project manager, producer, workshop facilitator …
  • Where are you based? We work locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

This is an ongoing opportunity. Proposals will be accepted until  5pm on 11 September 2022 via

If you’d like to have a chat or visit before you apply please contact us by phone: 01332 384 561 or email at: