About this residency:

Historically, Osnabruck (in north-west Germany) stands on one of the most important trade routes of Europe. Geographically, the modest city is situated in the mid-north in central Europe with links all over Europe from mediaeval times to the present day. It is twinned with 5 cities, one of which is Derby. Derby has acknowledged this twinning by naming the most important space in downtown Derby as Osnabruck Square.

Before the pandemic began, Artcore was working on developing links with Osnabruck to explore possibilities of cultural collaborations of different kinds between the two cities. We are delighted to partner with Kunstraum Hase29 for this project. This residency is for Derby artists (with a valid Schengen Visa) to understand the various links or points of references between the two cities and what binds them/can bind together. It is important for the artists to create artworks that become a bridge between the physical space of Derby Square in Osnabruck and the people who populate that space.


Selected Artists:

Martin Hyde

Martin D Hyde is a contemporary artist based in Wirksworth in the Peak District in the UK. He has an MA with distinction. He paints expressive abstract paintings usually using acrylic on canvas. Through his paintings, he reflects on his life as a person living with depression, those around him and his place in the world.

In his paintings, he represents feelings and emotions. He creates paintings with different levels of abstraction. Some of his paintings may feature abstract figures and landscape whereas in other paintings all narrative is removed and completely abstracted into pure form based on his previous paintings. Like the cyclic nature of his depression, this is a recurring process and the level of abstraction often relates to where he is in the cycle.

The primary themes of his work deal with feelings of isolation, belonging, identity, self-worth, contentment, and love. He attempts to balance some of the sadness and melancholy found in his work with an optimism and hope for the future. His work also deals with the fragility of wellness and the recurring emotional journey to maintain this. Martin describes his life as very much like a waveform, for every high, there is the impending low which can lead to anxiety even when life is good.

Through his paintings, he wants to bring a better understanding and acceptance of the issues surrounding depression, and the difficulties for those who love them, based on his own experiences.

Caroline Ainsworth

Caroline Ainsworth is a UK-based scientist turned visual artist, residing and operating from a home studio in Derbyshire. With a ceramics-centred practice, the artist also incorporates painting and drawing techniques into her work. Additionally, she engages in the creation of artist books and finds solace in journaling as a means to emotionally connect with the world they inhabit. Through her artistic endeavours, she delves into the concept of belonging within a diverse blend of locations, cultures, and relationships.