About this residency:

Derby has been a hub for ceramics and porcelain production for centuries, home to renowned brands like Royal Crown Derby and Denby Pottery. Royal Crown Derby’s illustrious history includes crafting china for the legendary HMS Titanic and creating unique pieces for Salvador Dali. Denby Pottery, famous for its salt-glazed pottery, played a crucial role in the 19th century when glass was scarce.

Located just an hour away from Derby, Stoke-on-Trent, also known as The Potteries, has been the epicentre of porcelain production for over 300 years. The region boasts numerous museums dedicated to ceramics, showcasing its evolution in techniques and styles, making Stoke-on-Trent a source of inspiration for ceramic artists worldwide.

Terra is an ongoing local residency opportunity offered by Artcore that celebrates the deep-rooted connection between Derby and ceramics, highlighting ceramics as a significant art form.

Keep an eye out for upcoming updates as we share more details about the Terra residency and provide insights into the creative endeavours of our artists in residence!

Selected Artists:

Hayley Blackwell

Hayley Blackwell’s artistic focus centres on ceramics. Her work is a testament to her expertise in a wide range of techniques, from hand building and press moulds to wheel throwing, all skillfully employed to bring her creative visions to life. At the heart of her work lies Earthstone clay, the medium she artfully wields to craft her pieces.

Within her artistic endeavours, Hayley purposefully emphasises the dynamic interplay of texture, colour, and pattern.

Kate Langrish-Smith

Kate Langrish-Smith, as an artist, explores the realms of mixed media encompassing clay, plaster, found materials, spaces, and photography. Her artistic endeavours are dedicated to a profound investigation into the materiality, form, and tactility of objects, all within the context of their intricate relationship with the human body.

Within Kate’s practice, a compelling exploration unfolds, centred on how bodies of both material and humanity conform and perform in various, often unexpected, ways.

Kate’s artistic journey is marked by a passionate pursuit of fusion, balance, and harmony within textured, haptic, and chromatic compositions and assemblages. These creations, often described as sculptural “moments,” seamlessly blur the boundaries between the temporal and the fixed. With each piece, Kate seeks to evoke a contemplative response, inviting viewers to ponder the allure of materials and shapes. Her work challenges and enriches the symbolic function and value assigned to these diverse objects while prompting a deeper examination of our complex relationships with them.