Early Parable Partition residency ideas

20 November 2022

Camouflage Trees At the start of the residency, I was really interested in the huge tree planters that line the street on my way from the railway station to Artcore’s Albert Street premises. These seemed to look like camouflage trees – artificial trees used in warfare to hide gun posts and look outs. The Imperial […]

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Camouflage Literature

4 November 2022

  As part of my residency at Artcore, I have been reading around the theme of camouflage in the books above. Each publication provides a slightly different focus, ranging from general literature and history of camouflage across art, science and the military, to contemporary academic research across disciplines. I am not depicting camouflage patterns or […]

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Under the Walnut Tree

29 October 2022

Artcore’s Cabin sits underneath a magnificent walnut tree. The tree has been dropping its fruits loudly on the Cabin’s roof when I have been sitting inside, whilst contemplating ideas for my residency on the relationship and rupture between ‘nature’ and ‘culture’. This proved impossible to ignore.   Artcore Cabin, Derby city centre I started to […]

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The Great Divide: Cryptic Painting

1 October 2022

For the residency Partition Parables at Artcore, visual artist Rachel Magdeburg will be exploring the lingering rift in contemporary Western society between nature and culture, which is arguably responsible for the exploitation of the natural world, compounding exceptionalism that sets humans apart. This partition will act as the starting point for a new series of […]

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