This is not a Rehearsal
May 10, 2022

A prolific programme of creative storytelling through art and making for the people in Derbyshire who are survivors of, or are living with cancer. It is funded by the Jennifer Anne Thorpe Trust.

The programme supports to express and explore participants’ stories and aspirations – engaging in a creative process.

We aim to help to build confidence, encourage new relationships. Create opportunities to explore and express personal stories through creative practices and encourage the use of art to benefit mental and physical health & wellbeing.

Explore different techniques of writing, making and storytelling and develop new creative skills for communication.

Indulging in creative practices has a positive and healing effect on the health and well being of a person. Art can help meet some of the challenges in health and social care around ageing, loneliness, isolation, long-term conditions and mental health. It also found that art can aid recovery from illness and support people to live longer, healthier lives.

It also provides participants, moments for reflection and distraction helping them to see beyond their treatments and conditions and obtain a sense of accomplishment, which boosts positivity among the people leading to a happier life as well.

Every participant will receive an Art kit from Artcore consisting of various crafting materials to support their creative and imaginative minds. Experiment with a variety of creative mediums, methods and techniques, like drawing, collage and prop making to puppetry for storytelling and share online.

Participants will be receiving supportive video tutorials for crafting process as guidance or they may choose to follow their creative exploration and experimentation techniques to share their achievements with the world.

The participants can post their creations online on any social media- Facebook or Instagram, tagging Artcore or Emailing us at-
The creative portrayal of stories and aspirations of all the participants shall be posted on the Artcore social media platforms, witnessed by thousands of people around the world and become a source of inspiration.


Individuals or Organizations interested to be a part of this program can contact Artcore at: