November 07, 2022
Decorated cart with coloured emroided fabric umbrella. Each of the four posts wrapped with coloured patterned fabric from India. The table cloth has Diwali in coloured fabric letters in English and Hindi. The bike wheels of the court, are pink, blue and red pastel colours. It's bright and happy looking cart.
Decorated Diwali cart

Diwali Celebrations at Artcore on a wet and rainy evening on the 21st October. The rain did not dampen the bright lights and colours. It was great to be part of the Artcore celebrations in Derby city centre. There were speeches, and dance performaces. I was located in the cabin, taking portraits and recording stories for my project seeds to home. I had a mixture of people sharing a story with me.

I had set up a white background, with photography lighting in the cabin.

Handmade lanterns, glass jars painted with tea lights. The have been placed outside on the wet red tiled area outside the artcore building. They are glowing bright in the cold wet evening.
Diwali lanterns
Photo of one of the Indian dancers, in dark lighting, as they are wearing an LED cloak.
Indian dancer
Portrait of one of the staff members at Artcore, smiling at the camera. Wearing an indigo blue top and gold scarf
Madona at Artcore
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