November 16, 2022

Potraits taken in Diwali, as part of my Artcore residence,

In the week leading to Diwali, I went and visited the regular Wednesday art group, at the Charnwood place and spoke to some of the individuals in the group. I asked if they could tell me a time, where they grew something someone had given them, or eaten truit or vegetable that reminded them of a special memory. Seeds to Home, has grown from looking at how we are linked to something farwar  away such as a country or family to that of loss, and the remembering someone. The actions that we do, such as make some thing special with an ingrediant or grow something is the act of remembering that person.

The majegestic apple tree nurtured from a mum, that was lost to cancer now bares fruit, that are gifted to friends and family. The act of rememberence is now a tree firmly rooted in the ground.

The lending of a shovel from a young man Derby house to the man that lived in the flats accross the road in the dark.  An act of kindness leads to the story of a young man growing vegetables at the land hidden urban brambles behind the flats. Photos taken to show the hard work of his and dedication to his mother in Jamaica.

Taking inspiration from nature itself and who we are, using them as metaphors for life.

The photographs are portraits, of those that visit, work and volunteer at artcore. Some photographs were taken for the love of photography and some were taken in exchange for a story.

Some of the stories of that night were those of pain, the life of an alcholic mother who’s daughters respite was noticing the sweetness of the apple from a tree in the garden.

How one parents love of growing plants, has been passed on and trees grown have memories of childhood milestones that grown into adulthood of the same interest.

The Sahahra group, spoke about their link to heritage.

A wife, growing vegetables such as onions and mint, because it was something she did when she was in Pakistan.

We all have our connections to nature, rituals and heritage, I hope this exhibition makes people think of their surroundings.


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