November 28, 2022


Last week from the 21st November, was the installation (setup) of the Partition Parabels exhibition at Artcore Derby. I spoke to mentor in the weeks leading up to the exhibition and the work I was creating and how it would be set up. How the exhibition would flow, I was also guided on how to develop the main projection, which is interwoven with conversations from the interviews I carried out with people.  A floor plan was emailed to me, and I was able to take measurements from the room itself. This helped me visualise where I would display the work I had. The work itself are four main peices of work. Three sets of photographs, A3 prints which were mounted onto foam board, 6 x 6 prints on white painted cork with adhesive backs and polaroid images. All images were unframed, and I had to think carefully how the work be spaced, and what the correct material would be to ensure it stayed up on the wall.

For this I purchased heavy duty velcro, and bluetac, I needed to use a leveler to ensure everthing was straigh and a measuring tape for spacing.

I have 8 audio recordings, which have been paired up to A3 image. Four have been paired to those that I interviewed. Headphones with MP3 players and small round speakers were used for people to listen to the story. It was important for the exhibition to be interactive, you are actively picking the speakers or headphones and sitting in the projection room.

I have also placed a large wall sized map, with post it notes and pens, for people to add their own thoughts and memories for the AI reflections work. I was able to WeTranfer the media files, and it did take me a whole day to set up the work, however I did not need to do the technical side of setting up the video and players.

I was able to install in one day, as I was travelling from Coventry this was ideal and it saved on my jouneys up for this work.


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