Mapping Stories
April 12, 2023

A week into the residency and I am just adjusting to my new surroundings at Artcore. Its daunting starting a new project when you know beforehand that there is a huge space to fill  at the end. It is quite a challenge moving from drawing in an A5 sketchbook, which I have done for quite some time now, to 1.5 metre rolls of paper. I started quite small, working in multiples,  whilst waiting for some materials to arrive.

My work usually starts with a story, a journey, something read or heard.

Often drawing as I go, filling sketchbooks, but for ‘Untitled’ I am exploring the story of a journey from memory. Using snippets from sketchbooks and photographs as reminders along the way.

I want the viewpoint to read as though the viewer is walking along and seeing what is in front of them. More like a map that leads the way up the length of paper.

This morning I spent a few hours making up some inks to use, including Dandelion, coffee and seaweed and experimenting with the outcomes of these.

I am looking forward to spending the next seven weeks playing around creating textures and re-visiting a walk from memory onto paper. Below images from the actual walk and a sketch from the end of the walk as we approach the pebbly beach cove.

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