Colour and Mark Making
April 19, 2023


I have been working in the studio at Artcore today. I didn’t manage to work on any of the big pieces as there were a few workshops going on. Fortunately I love the fact that there are alway people around to chat with while I work and my wooden boards arrived earlier in the morning so I was able to get started on those. The smooth wood  is so lovely to work on.

I am enjoying the freedom of making experimental art on different surfaces. Large Fabriano 220gm paper rolls, tiny sheets of Artway paper, wooden boards and re-cycled cardboard. I haven’t added bleach to the wood yet but am hoping it will take it much better than paper, which I had to attach some iron on interfacing to the back to strengthen it.

I am currently experimenting with layers of different mediums and how the bleach reacts to each of them. This helps to create layers of colour which I can then take out again. Using dyes as well as paint is an interesting combination. For making marks I am using a bamboo pen, large and small brushes, sponges, pieces of card, my hands (which are a quite stained, whoops!) and stitching.

This is just the start but being away from my house while I work helps to focus on my work and just crack on so things are moving quite quickly. Here are a few pics of work in progress. (I am working on many at the same time so all are in progress here)


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