Starting The Residency, and What Drawing Means To Me
April 21, 2023

Hello everyone,


My name is Emily, and, on this blog, I will be documenting my journey along this residency.


Whilst waiting for supplies to arrive (spoiler; lots and lots of graphite and paper) I focused mostly on creating sketches for ideas I’ve been envisaging, which is typically how my work starts.


I visited the Artcore Gallery on Albert Street to measure up and get a feel for the space. I’ve been to the gallery many times before, but it has changed during the refurb. Often times, my drawings respond to their surroundings – so I needed to go and see if the ideas I already had were suitable.


Within my practice I explore ideas of labour, shadow and impurity through drawing, my techniques are inherently laborious and dirty, and my works are not representational of anything in particular. I consider their subject matter to be nothing other than my thoughts and feelings and drawing itself.


From a very young age drawing and mark making have been very important to me, and I’m very excited to have this opportunity to explore it further.

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