A splash of colour
April 26, 2023

After the Eid celebration here at Artcore, the curry was beautiful, as always!, I decided to work on the smaller pieces (above). The idea is to create colour areas that stand out against the dark areas. I am currently experimenting painting with both dyes and paints and looking at how each of these react when bleach is added.  Working in layers and not knowing what is going to happen is, for me,  all part of the ‘play’ with mark making process. Sometimes there are happy accidents and some images just seem to look finished even though the intention was to make more layers. The wooden panels below were created using a few layers of paint , dye and bleach. I am pondering over working into these any more. The images are inspired by the images from sketchbooks of a Welsh holiday by the sea.

Seaweed, pebbles, sea creatures.

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