Future Endeavours
January 19, 2022

Venue: Artcore, Charnwood Street, Derby – DE1 2GT
Time: Saturdays- 12.30pm-2.30pm
Age Range: 10-18
Cost: FREE
End Date: 23rd July 2022  (PROJECT FINISHED)

Our Future Endeavours project works with young people in Derby aged 10-18 through an artistic programme designed to increase access to art and creativity by incorporating STEM subjects.  Using science, technology, engineering and maths, we are encouraging employment-related skills through creative expression in workshops delivered by professional artists.  At Artcore, we are actively working to enhance the opportunities and social mobility of young people in the city. Future Endeavours serves a fun, free way of achieving this goal.

This term, mixed-media artist Magdalena Aron is leading workshops to create stop motion animations relating to the themes of journeys and support. Participants are using both tablets to create individual work and graphic tablets to illustrate animations then bring them to life through special software.  There is also an opportunity to work closely with Magdalena and contribute a piece of work into a collaborative animation.


To sign up, fill out the interest form https://bit.ly/Artcore2022

Alternatively give us a call on 01332 384 561