June 01, 2024

It is only day 2 and I am so happy to be here. I spent the train journey drawing and recording especially at the border crossings.  Just finished a text piece on the reverse of the drawing which is about 7 metres long. This  may accompany the sound work created from the journey recordings.  The drawing was a way of documenting the train journey from East Midlands to Osnabrück whilst the text, written today, is almost a stream of consciousness of and from the journey.  It is amazing how many thoughts and ideas drift in and out on a thirteen hour trip. It has taken me so long to complete the text, the images are not the best but in the light tomorrow, I should get better ones. Today, I began what I call slow running – a listening exercise as well as a way of getting to know the area and sound recording as I went. I got lost and had to rely on google maps to get me home. I love the way that listening to the noise of your steps later re-creates the run in a way that videos don’t. I will do this everyday so thirteen days in all. I went to the Eye Identity exhibition at Hase29 last night and met some great people and today went to the Polychrome Festival listening to jazz and eating vegan pizza. I have begun making plans with one of the studio (I think) artists for a collaboration as well as working with Ash.

7m drawing/text on Fabriano paper
7m Drawing/text on Fabriano paper


2 thoughts on “Building Bridges Day 2
  1. mik

    Great start as always.

    1 June 2024 Reply
  2. Steffie

    Good going Chris – wishing you much inspiration x

    2 June 2024 Reply
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