A plan

23 June 2024

I have a plan, and a schedule, is this really me talking? I think I am pretty organised generally but this timetabling is something else! And it gets crossed off when it’s done. Continuing my thoughts linking notions of time which probably began on the documented journey, to a shop window in Osnabrück and an […]

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Back to Derby

17 June 2024

Dear Passengers open studio clip Dear Passengers from Lange Nacht open studio Back in Derby with lots of work to do. Only 4 weeks to the exhibition opening, counting this week, install week and a week when I am going to the sound conference in London. I need to get a move on! I now have […]

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After the Night Before

9 June 2024

What a brilliant night at Lange Nacht open studios with visitors still arriving at midnight. At least 300 visitors expected and I think that was achieved. Film of Echoes of the Beach attached as shown in M82, Osnabrück with drawing by Chris Wright and sound responses by Anke Haun, Ashley Morris and Chris Wright. It […]

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Sounds Good

7 June 2024

A short blog today! I am trying to get  work finished for the Open Studios tomorrow. However, yesterday I met an old friend, singer Anke Haun, who I know from sound conferences and only lives an hour away by train.  She remarked that an old pastel drawing in my sketchbook of a French beach looked […]

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What can I do here that I can’t do anywhere else?

4 June 2024

          A page from my sketchbook just to remind myself why I am here, not there! Doing my tried and tested routine stuff has helped me into the making mode straight away. I now need to break away, develop new things. However, the routine also gets me ready for the day. So, […]

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Building Bridges Day 2

1 June 2024

It is only day 2 and I am so happy to be here. I spent the train journey drawing and recording especially at the border crossings.  Just finished a text piece on the reverse of the drawing which is about 7 metres long. This  may accompany the sound work created from the journey recordings.  The drawing […]

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