June 23, 2024

I have a plan, and a schedule, is this really me talking? I think I am pretty organised generally but this timetabling is something else! And it gets crossed off when it’s done. Continuing my thoughts linking notions of time which probably began on the documented journey, to a shop window in Osnabrück and an old cuckoo clock-making kit, to Uhren Museum in Bad Iburg and then to Smith of Derby,  clock-makers/repairers. All the waiting around in stations watching the time has had an effect.


Clock-repairers Michael Nitsche (might have spelt this wrongly) in Osnabrück with my reflection. This somehow seems very apt. In Derby Museum, there is a study room with several clocks and books of interest so that is another place to go and research.

But what I want to do is disrupt the notion of time, how it is measured and how we can create our own individual measurement through a physical action. It is a crossing of a border from the known, the authorised, the accepted to the way  that time seems to each of us. Sometimes it appears to go really slowly, others it is gone before you know it.  Need to delve into the philosophy of all this but, at the moment, just need to get the exhibition ready.  Two pieces are ready and edited, Dear Passengers and Echoes of the Beach which just needs a way of showing the drawing which inspired the work. Not a fan of frames, it is concertina’ed so could put up a shelf, I suppose. But it is not a major problem. Just got this main piece, currently called waits for no-one although that might change, to work out.

Took an intense look at the gallery space on Friday with Ashley, the film-maker I am doing the exhibition with, suggesting ways we may fit in all the work so that, with my sound pieces and his film work, each can be heard without too much leakage.  We are planning a workshop,  experimental sound and film-making over two days, which will be good fun, I think!

4 thoughts on “A plan
  1. Dee Shiels

    Sounds really interesting Chris, love the idea around how time moves differently depending on who/where we are and what we are doing etc.

    23 June 2024 Reply
  2. Mik


    24 June 2024 Reply
  3. Heken

    Looking forward to seeing the exhibition Chris. I have also had an interest in how individuals and cultures have differing perceptions and access to space and time.

    24 June 2024 Reply
  4. Mary

    This is exciting. I was writing a lot of personal theories about time to a friend so decided I needed to look up some research. I’ve been looking at the perception of time, which kind of parallels your ideas about time through actiond

    9 July 2024 Reply
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