July 09, 2024
Image: Ashley Morris

Blogs get less as work gets more! We have a formal invite and it looks good. Last week was a whirl of activity and now I am on the final stretch. The last 5 days have been spent in London at the Crisp sound conference at UAL and what a lot I have learnt. In between sessions, I was negotiating about the exhibition catalogue. A very busy week but now, I am back and ready to work.

I had envisaged the plants that I had been growing  for the exhibition much differently than they really are which is tall and weedy not bushy and productive. They have four days to look good. But maybe it doesn’t matter, the idea is that they grow according to their own agenda, their time is not the same as our time. I think they are teaching me and I should listen. It is not the Artcore Flower Show after all. Now, there’s an idea!

The list of things still left to do ebbs and flows.  But the catalogue is off to print thanks to some late  emails and thanks to Hemal Talati of Designcore. He works hard, that man. I need to do a reminder for opening night invitations and beyond; pick up and install photos;  organise delivery permit –  I am not carrying the thin and weedy plants from the car park; edit one of the sound pieces; put all on micro SD and test; install speakers; finish swing set-up; hang drawing. It is all about time.




One thought on “Nearly there……..where’s there?
  1. Mary

    This all sounds like a whirl of activity and a lot of admin to do before the opening! So glad you got to the London conference. Looking forward to the exhibition !

    9 July 2024 Reply
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