June 17, 2024

Dear Passengers open studio clip Dear Passengers from Lange Nacht open studio

Back in Derby with lots of work to do. Only 4 weeks to the exhibition opening, counting this week, install week and a week when I am going to the sound conference in London. I need to get a move on! I now have a direction but need to discuss it with Artcore first, ha ha, it’s a secret. The last few days were a rush to get my final photos and visits done. Doing the Slow Running project right to the end and have many sound and video pieces to edit. I have also been working on my Strange Instrument series shown below and ‘played’ in woods with birdsong and mosquitoes

Strange Instruments series.


I have had a brilliant time and everyone was so kind from Margit Rusert for sharing her studio and Elizabeth Lemme for sharing her house. Sharing the studio with Margit  meant that new connections were made, not only between the works but also on a personal level and we intend to collaborate together in the future – we have plans!

Ticky Tocky Boxes by Margit Rusert www.margit-rusert.de
Work of Margit Rusert www.margit-rusert.de

Stemming from the Open Studio Night which was predicted to get 300 visitors but it turns out there were 500, what an amazing turnout, I did a studio exchange visit later in the week with  talented artist Joost-H Becker (https://jhb-art.com/). Here are a couple of his drawings-

Forminelysium Babelagomaggiore by Joost-H. Becker
Der Fall 4_Wirkungskreis by  Joost-H. Becker

I went to the Botanic Gardens to wander and think and also to the Clock Museum at Bad Iburg. The sounds of all the clocks ticking together was a recurring nightmare as a child.

Clock Museum at Bad Iburg



2 thoughts on “Back to Derby
  1. Mik

    Witty and incisive. Look forward to more.

    17 June 2024 Reply
  2. Mary

    I too had clock nightmares. When I was married my husband collected them and the constant ticking was awful, plus they all chimed at different times. I think I’d have preferred them all to be chiming at the same moment!

    9 July 2024 Reply
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