June 09, 2024

What a brilliant night at Lange Nacht open studios with visitors still arriving at midnight. At least 300 visitors expected and I think that was achieved. Film of Echoes of the Beach attached as shown in M82, Osnabrück with drawing by Chris Wright and sound responses by Anke Haun, Ashley Morris and Chris Wright. It was shown at the top of the stairwell and the sound travelled down the stairs to greet visitors.

Echoes of the Beach Lange Nacht 8.6.24

Lots of interesting conversations  and discussions about the work. I also showed Dear Passengers and my working documents such as the mind map and sketch book. The work Dear Passengers, will be in the next blog as I need a better recording.

So today was a little bit of a relaxing day, I went out with the camera. I have now a future photographic plus project in mind  that links with Derby, if I am invited back that is. I need to improve my German before tackling it though.  For now, I  am here as a sound artist and will begin tomorrow to build on the sound recordings I have already made which includes ad hoc instrument making. I am not sure where I am going with this but it will become clear when I get back to Derby. In addition, I am linking filming from my daily run in the woods, a Slow Running practice, which is filmed, to different recordings.

Running Path Running path in the woods behind the house

I will visit the town twinning office this week as invited to do so. Hope to hear of some positive ideas for future connections.

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  1. Mik

    Great stuff again. Looking forward to seeing all the productions.

    9 June 2024 Reply
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