June 07, 2024

A short blog today! I am trying to get  work finished for the Open Studios tomorrow. However, yesterday I met an old friend, singer Anke Haun, who I know from sound conferences and only lives an hour away by train.  She remarked that an old pastel drawing in my sketchbook of a French beach looked like a music score so we tested it out in the resonant spaces of the studio together with Ashley who also filmed some of it. Short audio clip-

Echoes of the Beach  

Anke Haun, Ashley Morris, Chris Wright

Three part short improvised sonic response

The three inspirations for this improvised composition were an old pastel drawing of a Normandy beach in Wright’s sketchbook, the spaces within Atelier M82 and the three participants – Anke Haun, visiting artist, a singer and educator; Ashley Morris, film maker and artist-in-residence and Chris Wright, sound artist and artist-in-residence.

Using the drawing as a kind of basic score, this trio of influences created a sometimes discordant sound that was both an individual and group response.  The purpose was to explore the idea of responding to visual stimuli with audio, to test the resonances of the spaces and to create a community through joint endeavour.

A very happy and productive day!

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