BUILDING BRIDGES 2024  Derby to Osnabruck
June 04, 2024

My first post!! Yay!! Hello Artcore and the peeps reading this!!

A smidge about me.. My name is Ashley Morris.. I am a neurodivergent artist, film director, collaborator and educator hailing from Derbyshire! More of my work here or follow me on my instagram @orateash or drop me a email

The first few days have been eventful with lots of bike riding!! Spending time with the other artist in residence the lovely Chris Wright, and the other artists here in Osnabruck.. Particularly Margit Rusert! Our first day was spent visiting the Hase29 gallery here in Osnabruck and seeing the amazing work on display for the EYEDENTITY – QUEER PERSPECTIVES IN ART showcase with artists Keerthana Kunnath and Elliott Nicole J. Waller
curated by Wiebke Hahn and Jasmina Janoschka / curatorial assistance: Jaqueline Maschke

I’ve been exploring the great city of Osnabruck and being creatively inspired to make work. Below are a few experimentations of the work thus far. Few moving images! Enjoy ✌️

Observations of the people of a great city!

I visited Margit’s art studio and below is a still and moving image from the visit. Thank you to Margit for allowing me to film such an amazing lift!



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