Tarla Patel is a Contemporary visual artist based in Coventry, completing an MA in Contemporary Arts at Coventry University in 2019, her practice incorporates a multidisciplinary approach that stems from photography and film. She is the custodian of the Masterji Estate, a photography archive that has been recognised as providing a social documentary of fellow migrants coming to Coventry, UK from the Indian Sub-continent during the post war era to the millennium. Her work has been greatly influenced by the archive and her direction of work primarily run through the ideas of memory, space, and identity. Part of her arts practice investigates the stories of migration and how it connects through generations, and shapes our sense of belonging in the world we live in. Patel retells these stories through a multidisciplinary approach, using photography, film, audio and new technologies.

Tarla’s project during the residency will investigate the idea of how people keep their connections to home, how it creates a sense of belonging through actions of nurture and care. Her project hopes to look at this connection of migration and belonging through the domesticated stories of small-time agriculture. Through the nurturing of plants and flora, families have kept their link to a faraway country alive, and the cultivation of traditions and memories.