This informal library is an opportunity for the public to
engage in the research and processes of some of the artists
and organisations we work with on our projects.


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Inspiration and exploration

The first week of the residency involved visiting Derby to meet the Artcore Team and being shown the two sites they have, I had never been to Artcore before, so it was good to see the gallery at Albert Street and then the space at Charnwood street where we will be working for the next […]

A celebration of Peace at Artcore Gallery

Join us in a celebration of Peace at Artcore Gallery on Thursday September 21st 10:00-13:00 Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on the 21st September, this is a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace. We will be supporting International Peace day at Artcore Gallery: Between 10:00-11:30 artist […]


Still working of the image of the rapeseed field in Wales. It has been a huge challenge trying to create a large image from a really small one. It has changed from the first image as it was planned.  I am not sure why I get drawn to making circles when working on this size. […]

Möbius and The Tale of Sisyphus

I thought I would share two of my current, major inspirations to help viewers better understand the ideas behind my work. Particularly this body of work. You may notice a particular shape, or the idea of a loop, cropping up often. I’ve realised that a lot of the work I’ve made is in response to […]

Feeling Inspired

I remember walking through a field of rapeseed, in Wales, taller than myself. It seemed to go on forever, at least a mile. This is part of the same walk we have done many times from Cardigan to Gwbert. For the next large image I intend to recreate some of the memories, colours and emotions […]

A splash of colour

After the Eid celebration here at Artcore, the curry was beautiful, as always!, I decided to work on the smaller pieces (above). The idea is to create colour areas that stand out against the dark areas. I am currently experimenting painting with both dyes and paints and looking at how each of these react when […]