This informal library is an opportunity for the public to
engage in the research and processes of some of the artists
and organisations we work with on our projects.


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Holi Hai! International Residency review – Masood Sarwer Masood Sarwer Artist Residency: Holi Hai! Artcore and FORMAT Festival International Residency. Location: Gujrat, India Artcore residency has been very crucial for me to navigate and cultivate my artistic expression. It has allowed me to collaborate, learn and express my visual language like never before. It allowed me to create a dialogue and challenge […]

Kawant fair: A fair of Rathwa tribe of Chhota Udepur

Today is the day when the Kawant fair will mark an end to our residency with colours everywhere. You can find colours in the ice cream that the children hold in their hands in the mid-noon at the fair. You can find colours in the balloon which are tied together in a bamboo stick waiting […]

Rathwa Tribals Walk Hot Embers for Holi

Holi Hai! Residency DAY 8 by Nikki Culley Thick white smoke filled the air as the burning logs turned to embers. An elder man from the Rathwa community we were visiting, emptied a bucket of manure at the end of a short length of the burning embers, to cool the feet of the group of […]

Holi Hai! The festival of colour.

Holi Hai! Residency DAY 7 By Masood Sarwer There is nothing more peaceful than waking up to peacocks calls. We all packed our bags and sat in the car to attend the Holi celebration in Vadodara. We crossed forests, open landscapes and farm fields and sunlight kept flickering through my window as I gazed and […]

Chasing Landscape Photographs in Rural Gujarat

Holi Hai! Residency DAY 6 by Nikki Culley We loaded our camera bags into the car just as the daylight was about to soften. The daughter of the people who ran the home stay Yashwini was leading the trip with two friends from the kitchen who had a knowledge of the local area. They agreed […]

The colour of fire.

The day started by walking through the narrow alleyways of the corn field, crushing the newborn grass as my gaze was locked on the faded sky with no birds in the sky. The only way to find the bird at this time of the day was to see the high branches of long-standing trees and […]