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Early Parable Partition residency ideas

Camouflage Trees At the start of the residency, I was really interested in the huge tree planters that line the street on my way from the railway station to Artcore’s Albert Street premises. These seemed to look like camouflage trees – artificial trees used in warfare to hide gun posts and look outs. The Imperial […]

New Technology – Memories

          These images have been taken from Dall-e, I have taken small paragraphs  from the audio recordings of the stories I have collected for Seeds to Home. The AI has created was the image might be, a poor rendition in some or one that it is very life like. Like memories, […]

Seeds to Home Portraits and stories told

Potraits taken in Diwali, as part of my Artcore residence, In the week leading to Diwali, I went and visited the regular Wednesday art group, at the Charnwood place and spoke to some of the individuals in the group. I asked if they could tell me a time, where they grew something someone had given […]

Diwali Artcore

Diwali Celebrations at Artcore on a wet and rainy evening on the 21st October. The rain did not dampen the bright lights and colours. It was great to be part of the Artcore celebrations in Derby city centre. There were speeches, and dance performaces. I was located in the cabin, taking portraits and recording stories […]

Camouflage Literature

  As part of my residency at Artcore, I have been reading around the theme of camouflage in the books above. Each publication provides a slightly different focus, ranging from general literature and history of camouflage across art, science and the military, to contemporary academic research across disciplines. I am not depicting camouflage patterns or […]

Under the Walnut Tree

Artcore’s Cabin sits underneath a magnificent walnut tree. The tree has been dropping its fruits loudly on the Cabin’s roof when I have been sitting inside, whilst contemplating ideas for my residency on the relationship and rupture between ‘nature’ and ‘culture’. This proved impossible to ignore.   Artcore Cabin, Derby city centre I started to […]